Thursday, May 23, 2013

Open House!

If I do not start to blog again....I never am!!  I swear life is just too dang busy.  For example, OPEN HOUSE!  The school year is almost done and I have yet to blog about Spring break and open house.  Should I even attempt to catch up?  Yes, I think I will.  So be ready to read a lot of posts soon!!

Open house, so much fun.  I love to see how excited the kids get to show us their crafts, desks, to take pictures with their teachers and so on.  

First up, Drew.....

He is just the sweetest boy ever!  I do not mean to brag, but I have so many parents come up to me and ask what Derek and I have done to make such a respectful/sweet boy?!  I joke and say, "I beat him," but really it is because I am kind of a hard ass with manners.  Lets hope he always stays that way:)  With academics he his doing awesome.  He is still in RTI for reading, but doing just great otherwise.  I swear I will fight to keep him in RTI, we love the added help.  Math he is a wiz at and he had made great friends.  I was a little worried that since his teacher went on maternity leave that he would slip in his studies, but he is doing just great.  

Second, Emma.....

What can I say about Em?  Of course, we came straight from dance but she was very excited about it because she got to show her teacher what she wears to ballet.  Both of the kids brought their teachers flowers, so she was happy to also show her those.  We saw the 'kinder-garden' and Em pointed out what she planted with her class.  They do not have a desk in kinder, which I am sure if she did have one it would be OCD!  But we did get to see that her writing and math is improving and he crafts are just adorable!  It is amazing how far she has come this year!

Third, Lilly.............she is crazy!

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