Monday, May 27, 2013

Last Daut Weeding!

The last of my adoptive family GOT HITCHED!  I have known Austin since he was 6...too dang long...and I just love him to pieces.  Veronica is one lucky lady indeed.  They were so happy that day and Veronica was beautiful.  The near sunset service, the mariachi band, the courtyard filled with beautiful lights and the colors they chose of gold and red were perfect for the Villa Del Sol.  Don was the officiant and everyone was in the wedding!  They had 12people per side!  Dear lord, there was no room up in the front!  

Baby Sam was the best little man!
Look at this hot mama Leydy!  I can not believe she is in her 50's!  The last of her babies is married.  Love her hot dancing too.
Of course there has to be a person who answers their phone during the wedding.  Too bad it was Mar's father-in-law!  I just had to be a stinker and grab a picture of him.
Look at that hot BFF of mine.  Gorgeous and pregnant.  She looked like a Greek goddess.
Of course, kisses at a wedding are always a must.

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