Friday, June 21, 2013

Evan's Pinterst-Free Birthday Party

Last month we headed to the park after school for Evan's 6th birthday party!  The kids had so much fun!  As I am getting older I must admit that I LOVE simple quick parties.  I guess that comes with age right?  My 'older' family always thinks I am crazy when I throw big parties....I am now realizing why.  I also am realizing why old people hang out by themselves a lot, but that is for another post:)

Kaci and Jeremy threw a fabulous fun filled party for their middle son.  I am not exactly sure, but I think it was Davey Crockett themed...that or just the outdoors.  Either way, it was fun.  They had a flag football type chasing game, but with raccoon tails...super cute.  Then the best....homemade sling shots.  Super cool!  The dads at the party had a blast with that and Em seemed to be the best on the girls side.  I just feel in love with Kaci's 'cardboard' Alamo.

Then Kaci shared that everything was Pinterest Free.  I laughed because now a days everything is 'from Pinterest' and so on.  The kids parties at school are always being one-up'd from so many of the moms when it comes to cuteness and so on.  So I just had to laugh when she told me that.  PLEASE, do not get me wrong, I LOVE Pinterest, but things are getting a little out of control with it at school.


Look at the cake Kaci made!  It was yummy too!

Then there was our third monster, Lillian!  This girl is CRAZY!  She threw a huge fit, which I walked away from, but had to first take a few pictures.  Then she was all smiles.

Then shirts came muscular they are!  haha.  Thanks for a great time!

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