Thursday, June 6, 2013

Wizard of Oz

It is DONE!  Drew and Emma were so excited to perform in the Wizard of Oz with so many of their friends from school this past weekend!

This was no ordinary school play.  They had three shows per cast, a beautiful set, and location at the Curtis Theater.  I had no idea that it was going to be like that.  I thought school play=at school.  Drew had just gotten done with his "Earth Worm" play at school and felt pretty good about it, but when he was told that the play was at an actual theater...I think he was a little scared.  But it all worked out.  He did awesome in his special role as a member of the Lollipop Guild, as well as a monkey.  Em shined as a poppy and munchkin.  You could really tell that she had been on stage before.  In fact, her first performance for ballet was at this theater.  The rest of the cast was great and you could tell that by the third show that everyone was more comfortable on stage.

The kids only rehearsed 5times at school then twice at the theater.  Being that this is the first time the school has used this company, Starlight, I was shocked at how organized and informative everything was.  The Shutterfly sites really do help.  If you have not seen one yet, go look at Shutterfly...they are awesome.  Also, one more plus about this play was that it was only an hour and a half!  That was awesome.

Thanks, Suzie, Dale, Hannah, Connor, Mom & Brian for coming to the show.  The kids are still talking about you guys coming to see them.

 *Em and Evan with their teacher, Drew had her too*
 *Em was in love with Dorothy.  She even saw her at a softball game and was so excited to say hi*
 Drew & his good buddy Cam
 Lollipop Guild
 Some of the munchkins and EM

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