Friday, June 21, 2013

Love in Vegas

What I went to Vegas last minute? No shocking news there!!haha.
What was shocking is that I went WITHOUT my KIDS!  What-what?!  It was the BEST Mother's Day present I could have asked for.  Yep, I love to leave my children for the day every year:)  It was awesome and so dang quick, but I LOVED every minute of it.  Thank goodness I found Amanda to go with me.  Hell who would not want to go to Vegas, right!  Off we went on a Saturday after Amanda got off of work, sat in traffic for a bit and landed in Sin City around 8pm.  I am telling you it was a VERY quick trip.  By the time we checked into our hotel room, it was getting a little late.  You would think we would want to change and head out.  Nope, we laid under the covers, drank some wine and talked.  Finally, I was like, "we need to get out of here or we are going to fall asleep!"  Off we went to dinner and then a bar and back to our room...barely 1am.  I think we were out for about 3hrs.  Good times!

Next time we are FOR SURE staying at the Cosmopolitan.  Amanda is a blingy girl and was IN LOVE with it.  Derek and Kelly....December is calling you both.

Of course no Vegas trip would be complete with out a picture with a random person on the street.  So awesome.
The night was fun and lunch the next day at one of the best Mexican food places I have ever been to, but the reason we were there was to see the Ballet.  Romeo & Juliet.  I brought Amanda with me, but Kels was already in Vegas for her mom's wedding so she met up with us.  It worked out perfectly.  Kels got to go to the place that she never gets to go with me, the ballet, because she is always watching Drew and Lilly.  Actually, when I called her she was very hesitant to go.  Come to find out she thought I was asking her to watch the kids since she just happened to be there.  I had to keep explaining to her that I wanted her to go WITH US.  It was funny.  

The ballet was BEAUTIFUL!  I can not explain how great it was.  I got chocked up a few times.  I just loved our seats.  They were in the FRONT ROW.  Literally the FRONT ROW!  I had a picture of the curtain, but for some reason I can not find it....FRONT ROW.  Amanda and I sat there and Kels sat pretty much dead center of the hall.  For her first ballet that was not too shabby.  
Many people know that since Em started dancing we go to Vegas at least twice a year to watch the NBT, particularly Krista, perform.  This time was a special treat because Jordon, who dances at TDAD (girls studio) was performing in this ballet.  
Krista and Jordon have also been a couple for 6 years.  So, to every one's surprise (except both sets of parents) Jordon came out on stage during the final bow and read a sonnet.  I thought no biggy, he does stuff like this all of the time.  However, when he kept talking after he read the sonnet I knew something was up.  Yep, he purposed to Krista on stage!  I have never seen something like that before.  The entire hall, a shit load of people, was sitting watching this declaration of love, him on his knee, and her crying.  All on a catwalk high up on the stage, dead center.  It was awesome.  Men were smiling and woman were crying.  It was just great.  Of course she said yes:)  Mrs. Brenda (grandma) was so excited and surprised.  Thank you Mrs. Brenda for the tickets!!!! 
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