Tuesday, December 10, 2013

October Fun!!

October is one of my favorite months!  It is the kick off to a wonderful, and busy, three months.  I sit and plan everything that we can do.  We do not get to everything, but I try.  I am usually pretty beat at the end.  Because not only are there the following activities that we do, but work, house work, school, ballet, homework and so on.  CRAZY!  But we would not have it any other way!

First, I love to decorate.  The daytime pictures never do it justice!
We craved pumpkins twice this year!
Of course there is the annual Heritage Parade and Festival.  When I was in the Mom's Club I use to be in the booth, but now I just get to hang out and see the old cars. the kids on the bounce houses, eat some great food and look at all of the craft vendors.  This year we even got to spend some of it with Mar and her little one's.

Then there is the Christopher's annual Wine Tasting Party.  There is always a ton of food and even though it was a smaller crowd this year it was SO MUCH FUN!  We did not have a sitter, so Derek stayed home this time.  I was shocked when my pricey bottle I got from Napa did not win.  A cheap bottle from Trader Joe's made was crowned the winner.  **hate these pictures of me, but oh well**

First pumpkin patch.  I never take my kids to this one, super expensive, but a mother in Emma's class set it up and we only had to pay $8 a kid.  Not too bad.  Lilly had fun bouncing all by herself:)

Second patch is an annual tradition for me and the kids.  It is at the Great Park.  you pay $10 for parking and everything but the food is free.  We love that Park!!!  Extremely busy though.
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Oh and we even met up with Jo and Ken for our first family trip to the San Diego Zoo.  Derek had never been to a big zoo before.  I think he had more fun than the kids.  Since the month of October is free for children at both the Zoo and Wild Animal Park, made the trip down.  Next year we will for sure be going to do both parks.  

Then Pumpkin Patch #3.  Love the Irvine Park.  It is also a tradition.  We ride the train, walk around the park, take our usual pictures.  It is pricey so we only do the train and free stuff....but it is fun.  And I always get good pictures.
Then of course....Halloween time!  The kids school does an annual parade though the school, which is always cute.  I love to see how many of the same costumes their are, this year for sure was Duck Dynasty.  Hilarious to see all of the little guys with old man beards.  

For Trick or Treat time we headed back over to the Christopher's for the 3 year in a row.  We eat soup, chat, let the kids play, then we head out for CANDY!  Nate is getting a little old, so he stays home and hands the candy out.

Oh then back to the dentist we went.  It happened to be dress up like a clown day at the office.  Good thing my kids are not afraid of clowns!  I wish I was in the room to see Emma all gassed up, but she did not want me in there.  Now we are cavity free.....but too bad it was not free!

***this is not even everything that we did in October!!***
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