Monday, December 23, 2013

Bills Turned 4!

This crazy little girl turned 4!  Yes, it was months ago, but I like playing catch up!:)  She loves to just wear undies all day long, she loves to dance, loves to play on the tablet, makes movies on the tablet and phones, she adds a 'Y' to the ending of every word, she is a wonderful ballerina, she is my snuggle bug, she has so many nicknames, she keeps getting prettier and prettier, she loves speech class, never complains about taking her epilepsy meds, loves all of her friends, has a hard time stopping once she starts crying, still loves Gabba...but lately loves Mickey Mouse, she is my tag along for everything, she is sooooo stubborn, and the one huge thing about our youngest child.....SHE IS A COOKIE MONSTER!!!  She loves and loves to eat cookies.  She could survive on them, not sure where she puts all those calories!

We had a great time for Lilly's party.  One more year and then no more big parties!  8 years of house parties is enough for us!  haha.  She had a wonderful friend filled night party in beautiful weather surrounded by a ton of flowers and La La Loopsy.  She loves those dolls!  She got so many fun gifts.  I love our core group of friends that come, but it is nice for Lilly to have a few new friends that she has made.  Love that Lilly Bug!  

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