Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Can I go Back to Napa??

Back in August I hitched a ride to Napa!  I kept calling myself the 9th wheel because I went with 4 other couples.  Derek could not (did not) want to go....so off I went with the help of Linda watching the kids for a bit while Derek worked.  It was four wonderful days of no one calling me mommy, no one needing me to do anything for them.  I just chilled and was stress free.

So can I go back!!!!!!!???

I am not sure how many wineries we went to but I can tell you that my favorites were Foley Johnson, Raymond and Beringer.

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We ate and ate!  We loved loved being there.  We all want to go back and I hope this time Derek comes with.  I have so many pictures of that place.  I had always wanted to go and was very excited when DeAnne finished her BSN and decided she wanted to go there!  Congrats to my friend!

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