Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Saying Goodbye....

Another thing happened in October, my mom moved to Atlanta.  She also took my Auntie Chrissy.  Oh, and she and my step dad got divorced after being together since I was 11.  Oh and my Aunt Deb and Uncle Kev got divorced to after 31 years of marriage.  Also, both of my grandparents on my mom's side died, eight months apart from each other.  My Nanny died on Palm Sunday and my Poppie on the first Sunday of Advent.  So sad.  Maybe one day I will blog about that more.  It is all so much in a year.  It is still all hard for me and I think it will be for some time.  

So Lilly and I took my mom to lunch during her last week here....  

My Auntie Deb hosted a brunch and Jo and Ken

Then we said goodbye.  I went in my room and cried a bit, but I know that this is what my mom wanted.  She got the transfer she wanted for work at the Law Office and since both of her parents died....well, a little change never hurt anyone.  Well, in this case it is a BIG CHANGE.  At least she is only 7 or so hours from both of my sisters....who also live on the east coast.  Oh my dad lives there too.  Pity party for me:)

Oh and then my BFF Marlene moved back to NC!!!  Dang it!!!

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