Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Avah Grace Turned 1!

Last Sunday was little Avah's First Birthday party! Last December when I saw both Avah and the Calagna's son, Vince, shortly after being born made me want to have another child....hence Lillian (in case anyone wanted to know why we decided on having a third child). The little princess had a cupcake themed party with a beautiful cake (I did not get a pic of it) and a cake shaped bounce house. The weather was great and even though it rained all day on Saturday there was not a single drop during the party! Avah got a ton of clothes and some pretty good toys. The funniest part was while she was opening up her presents she started to cry (she had just woken up from a nap) so DeAnne put on YoGabaGaba and every child and adult started talking about that CRAZY WACKY show! Happy Birthday Avah!

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