Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Busy, busy, busy!

Well, first....Auntie Patty came down to see us! She just could not keep away during the holiday's! We even tricked the kids with a message from Santa's elf, Snowflake, telling the kids that their mommy was going to the North Pole to bring them back a very speical present. They loved it!

However, Patty did not decide until the Sunday before Christmas that she was going to come down, so planning was in order. Hailee and Ty stayed with us while Em flew up there on Tuesday morning to drive down with Pat and the dogs (she could not find a kennel) and got here on Wednesday evening. Then Em had to go home and get ready for Christmas Eve at her house and church. We went down to Oceanside on Thursday for dinner and gift opening, then back up here, then Christmas on Friday, then dinner here, then clean up on Saturday, and Sunday with the Lee's. All in between that was dinner, entertaining, taking care of dogs, Em coming up and down and Patty getting some friend time in.
However, I being the GREAT Auntie... can not just sit around with my little favorite people around me! So off we went. First, it was to the Discovery Science Center where we saw the most amazing ginger bread houses and so much more!

Then that night we went to dinner, looked at Christmas lights in a great neighborhood down the street (like 5 blocks fully decorated their housese), that was followed by yogurt at our favorite place down the street.

I even got some late night shopping in with Lillian

The next day we went to the market in our PJ'S!!!! The kids loved that one. Then we went by the fire station to say HI:) But it was hilarious before we went to the store because Emma refused to wear her PJ's!

Then it was off to the the La Habra Children's Museum. On a side note, I was really starting to get tired. Where I had never been before and was very impressed with how it was. I loved how it had different rooms that all catered to different interests. Of course Em loved the market area, Hailee loved the dress up room, Drew loved the train and pet rooms (kind of creepy because it is full of large, stuffed, ugly animals), Tyler loved the bus and outside area. I loved that I could sit in each room and just, well, SIT!!

All was worth it though, because I love having my sister here!

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