Sunday, December 20, 2009

Lee Family Christmas Party

Well, what can I say.....I need to go and sort through the kids toys because last night at the Lee Annual Christmas Party the kids got a ton of stuff!!!! Drew got gifts ranging from pj's and some sort of car that climbs up the wall, to hot wheels and a spider man toy. Emma got so many dolls that I am not really sure how many. Em also got clothes and ornaments. Lilly....well, she got some soft baby dolls and some more small things. If the few things I have mentioned sound well 'not that many' I should show everyone our trash cans! So many boxes! They filled up the back of the car and now Drew thinks that Christmas is done! Of course we had our 'adult' Secret Santa gifts and that was a ton of fun! These two pictures are really the only two that I took! My dang camera battery died!

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