Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Pizza with the Lee's

Man we spend a lot of time wtih family! It seems that all of my posts seems to relate to it! Oh well, that is how I like our life. Then again I do not bust out my camera when I go to Sara's, or coffee with DeAnne or dinner with Mar, or bingo....maybe I should??
Anyways, we went to Zito's in AH over the weekend to see the rest of the Lee family before the new year. It was a lot of fun and I am happy that I chose Zito's because it was big enough to fit all of us, had a game room, an outside area and of course some good food:) We were there forever, but it was fun and the kids loved playing with each other and Em just RAN all over the place! Us adults even got a break from the little one's when Carly, Kels, and Saige took them to get ice cream. By the time we left there we really could have had dinner, but we will save that for another day when we can all get together again:)

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