Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Being sick!!

What a major boooooo having a sick kid is. I feel like we have been inside for days and it is starting to drive me CRAZY!! The only release I have had is jogging! I even went to target and it did not help because I had to hurry through it! Yet, I spent the standard $100 in 20 minutes...hummmmm???!!!
Anyways, Em got sick on Monday morning...prob from the 5 hours she spent outside in the cold on Sunday during family day.

(Nanny turning 79 and Auntie Chris turning 54)

Then trying to get pictures of the kids was wonder my poor baby Emma would not corporate! This is how she spent Christmas decorating:(

Derek, Drew and I did have a fun time decorating and Drew was just so dang cute with his laughing and telling us that everything was "so cool or so awesome!"

Then Em woke up and watched some Christmas movies that were on ABC Family and today she is more helpful with Lilly and last night we even had round two of Hot Chocolate. I really hope that she gets well soon because we have 3 parties this weekend!!!


Teren, Jaxson, and Teegan! said...

I love your Christmas Story lamp, I know I have told you that, but I just have to say it again!

Rebecca said...

I almost repeated Teren's comment. And how cute is Emma helping with her baby sister!

Darci said...

They are all sooo cute! Love the pic of her feeding Lillian, I have one of Gwen doing it too. So sorry that she is sick hopefully no one else gets it.