Friday, November 11, 2011

Block of Halloween

We had a great month of October! We had so much fun, but I think as the kids get older it may be harder to do all of the fun stuff with school work and sports/dance. There is just not enough time in the day or enough days in a month!

Below are a few pictures of Alisha's house. Yes, those are burned, buried, mutilated baby dolls. It is morbid, but Halloween is like her Christmas! She has some awesome decorations and when everything is lit up at night it is great to sit in there and feel a little creeped out. She is Halloween!

There are also pictures of the houses around the block. Not all of us decorated and it is not at the caliber of many houses, but the kids on the block loved it. I love my three little monsters in the front! Once again, taking pictures during the day does not do these decorations justice, so much better at night. We all had lights and candles outside...which I was a better taker of pictures at night:(


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Speaking of babies,

This is our neighbor Melissa and yes, your eyes are not playing with you. She actually wanted to do it when she was pregnant (about 16 years ago) but never did. She is a hot mamma!

Below are pictures of our Halloween Block Party. It is the 2nd block party we have had since we moved to the 'block' and again we were not disappointed! Everyone dressed up, yes even me, and really got into the mood. Once again, everyone brought a side dish or desert and we had chili too. Between the pumpkin spitting contest for children (adults did it too later on), the pinatas, mummy wrap (courtesy of me), toilet papering the neighbors, and was a fun time! Kels even came to enjoy the fun.

Derek was a Dodger fan adored with the bling, du-rag, hat, jersey, high socks, crip slips, and tug teeth. Sorry Dodger fans, but we really are not fans:) I was Merlot our babysitter. It was probably the comfiest costume I have ever worn. For those that do not know Merlot...she really does walk around with a black robe and her hair up in a towel. I threw on some makeup, added a "M" to HER robe (yep, got it from her mom), had her fancy duck tape on my arms and had fun. BTW, I hate dressing up!

Other costumes included a disco man walking around with goldfish in a glass jar as a neckless, some miners, the The Most Interesting Man, a french lady, Snookie, witch, Little Red Riding Hood, Brett Michaels, a mad scientist, a running 80's gal, military, a ref, Charlie Sheen, and so many more. Good Times!


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