Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday Meeting

Meet Elmer!

Gotta love kindergarden. You send them to school and they want to be so big. They want to get to school on time, do homework, and listen to everything that the teacher says like the words are gold. Then, Elmer the elephant comes home and I swear he is three all over again. Drew loves his baby doll, Sam, but Elmer was so different. Elmer went everywhere with us! EVERYWHERE! All Drew could talk about during the three days we had him was Elmer, Elmer, Elmer. It was cute, but there was a few times that I really wanted to toss Elmer out the window! Of course I always had a smile when Drew spoke about this WONDERFUL elephant, but if you know Drew you know how his mouth is always moving....always!

Besides the constant talking about Emler, Drew had a blast with him. He went on a play date to the Maloofs, went to pizza after Drew's last bball game, sat with Drew by the fireplace on Saturday when it rained, hung out with us while we had movie night and ate popcorn, went to the Y for his Christmas show, ate every meal with him, went to ballet, and so much more. Drew did cry tonight because Elmer was not here, but I told him that Sam missed him and he needed to say sorry to him for not paying as much attention to him while Elmer was here. That seemed to work:)

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