Sunday, August 7, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend was very busy! We were invited to so many fun parties, but decided to just spend it at our/Linda's house. The first set of photos is from a BBQ we had at our place with the neighbors to celebrate one of their birthday's. It was a great time eating and singing the birthday song, but they shortly moved away....thank goodness! Not everyone is sane!

The second set of pictures are from Linda's house. Linda and Damon have birthday's a few weeks apart so we always celebrate them together. Everyone had a great time, but we were sad that the Weil's could not be with us! I think Connor had a casting thing or something....hello, this was months ago. It was not warm enough for a pool or any water toys, but they LOVED the root beer in glasses held in coozies! There was basketball playing, bike riding to the nearby park, lots of food and of fun!

The third, and last, set of pictures is from our house for a kind-of block party BBQ. It was thrown together at the last minute, but came together beautifully and I think everyone had fun. We set up food and seating in my garage, but no one was really in there because everyone was playing in the street or in the tiny pools we had set up. Got to LOVE our neighborhood.




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