Thursday, August 4, 2011

Our First Beach Day


Do you think we shop at Costco?

Second, can you believe that our first beach day for the summer was last Tuesday! Seriously, last Tuesday! I can not believe it, but we have been super busy this summer and have not had time to fit it in.

Last Tuesday I woke up and thought, "we are going to the beach damnit!" So I got Merlot (our sitter down the street and yes that is her name) to go with us and headed to Corona Del Mar. I love it there and even though it does cost money to park (thank you lawmakers for jacking the price up to 15 dollars!) at most beaches in So Cal, it is worth the money there because you can park and bamm there is little sand to the water. With a tent, two chairs, sand toys, towels, lunch and drinks in a cooler, and three kiddies there is a lot of work, so the closer the better. Merlot played with the kids in the sand making mud balls and castles. Lilly usually hates the sand and water but on this first beach day that we had she slowly started to love the sand. As of today and 5 beach days since, she LOVES the sand!
While she and the others played in the sand I layed out and loved the nice weather and did not having to go into the water. On the way home we got some Bucks and the kids fell asleep. Perfect!

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