Friday, August 26, 2011

The Circus!

I loose track of the months and what I have been doing (a lot of fun is what we have been having/doing), so lets just say we went to the Circus when it was at the Honda Center (is it still there?). I got tickets from my mom's club for $12each. We went as a group and took up two rows! The kids loved it!

I have not been to the circus since Nathan (DeAnne's son) was 6months old (now he is 13yrs old!) and I think it was about the same then as now. One difference that I did notice was the tightened caging of the animals. Actually there was not many animals just tigers and elephants...oh and a dog or two. It made me think of that movie, "Water for Elephants," well at least that is what I think the silly movie is called. Oh and I guess I should name another difference, I had three of my kids to oo and aww with, even if I did not think it was that cool, but the kids loved it. Emma talked up a storm to a fellow MC friend that tagged whom I did not know, but she was just talking and talking to her (I kept apologizing) and Drew sat with his eyes HUGE! Oh, a funny thing....Lilly fell asleep on my lap for a bit during the second half, good thing she is free.

On a side note, if you get a plastic lemonade bottle thingy that says "hand wash" on it, then hand wash it because it will shrink to half it's size! Oh, and I did not do that, I think Derek did:)

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