Friday, August 26, 2011

Family Day, Sara's side!

I think I have hosted family day at our house for about 3years now? I could be wrong about the amount of time, but it is always here and I always plan it. Hint, hint my side of the family....

Since Em and the kids were here for 3weeks this summer we had family day to not only say "hello" but to say "happy birthday to you, JoJo, Hailee, Emma!" Jo the big 26, Hailee the big 10, and Emma the big 30! Wow, we are all growing up!

I made chicken drumstick which may sound boring but I baked them in the oven in a bag for an hour then BBQ'd them (thanks to Uncle Kev) because Derek was still at work. They turned out so yummy and I think Ken (Jo's hubby) ate half of them. He is always so hungry! I ran out of time to get a more proper dessert for the special day, so we just had cupcakes that Kels decorated for me when she stopped by to drop off a doll house (post to come).

I think everyone had a nice time and it was nice to see my grandparents since their move to an assisted living home (post to come). Thanks everyone in my family for helping and I am so sorry I did not take more pictures!

***Of course Em told us how fabulous she was even though she was turning thirty...which as her older (and more fab) sister I just rolled my eyes***

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