Monday, August 8, 2011

Emma's 4th Birthday!

Yes, you read the title correctly....Emma turned 4! I can not believe we now have a 5,4 and almost 2 year old children! It is something Daddy and I are trying to get use to. I will post pictures of Emma's Fairy Garden birthday party later, but I want to at least acknowledge that she had her birthday last month.

What did we do? Well, the night before we headed over to Hero's for her annual dinner (saw a friend I use to work with and super excited he has a baby and is married....I did not realize we had not seen him since I was pregnant with Emma) and the next day was church (we all went!), lunch at Chili's, relaxing and then she left....yes, she left! My vision of the weekend was to hang out, just the five of us, but she REALLY wanted to go swimming at grandma's house. So, I gave in and just went with it. She left and did not come back until way after dinner time. At least I do know that she had a fantastic time with her grandma and auntie chow at Grandmaland. Hello, they swim in the pool and spa, go to dinner, and have as many juice boxes and donuts as they want....I want to be four years old again! Emma is a big girl and dare I say, I am sad!

Here are some pictures from her bday. I have not included her at grandma's, but have put her with her daddy giving her her birthday flowers and Kels/Kyle over to give her a gift.

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