Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday Meeting, Big Boy Swimmer

Drew came home from a fun afternoon at Grandmaland to tell me proudly, "mommy you do not need to pay anyone anymore to teach me how to swim! Grandma taught daddy when he was a little boy (but now in her tummy) and then she taught me. Next summer she will teach Emma."

Yep, the boy can now swim...well a little:) He is so proud of himself and when he kept swimming in Linda's "summer pool" that she takes down in September he wanted his grandma to video it and take pictures. Here is the video. Thank you Linda for the pictures and video.

When Derek got to his mom's to pick up Drew they swam together. These pictures are wonderful and I am hoping Linda will put a CD together of all the summer fun they had in 2011!

And of course, Em was there that day and she had to get a picture of her in a 'bi-ki-knee.' She also told responded to my saying, "your tummy is white Em," by saying, "that is because water is on my tummy, silly." She is a funny girl.

I told Em that this was the first time I had ever seen grandma get suits for her grand girls that were not two pieces until the girls were older. Emma did not really care about me sharing that story, but I thought it was interesting:)

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