Thursday, September 8, 2011

Play dates!

When Lilly and I got back from Boston we saw Sara 2 and Mar at our house for a play date! I had not seen the Zenhnter girls since July and baby Sam with Mar since May! I ABSOLUTELY can not believe at how big all of our kids are getting! Seriously, it makes me think of how old we are getting and how different our lives are from just a few years ago! For example, years ago Me/Max/Mar would head down to Mexico and now we met up at the mall with our three stroller! Oh, but we still went and got a glass of wine:) haha. And Sara 2 and I became besties before the kids and now we have 5 between us! Life is a strange little thing, isn't it?

Madi and Em in the 'little pool'

Bellaboo hiding

Handsome Samy

Max's SoSo (Sophia)

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