Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Remember 9/11

I feel just horrible that I did not blog something on Sunday, but now I am...still feel bad though.

Basically, I cried for most of the afternoon until around 6 when I could not take it anymore. I cry like a baby whenever I hear stories about that day. I wanted to do something for the day, so we went to the RNL to see a firetruck that helped with the cleanup and rescue efforts, a huge piece of steel from the WTC that was bent over, and another fire truck. There were many other people there to share in the giving of flowers and flag to those traveling memorials, I love being an American! I am not sure if this man, Krugman, being commentated on http://www.foxnews.com/on-air/the-five/transcript/paul-krugman-coward, loves it too?

Once again military and public servants like firemen, thank you for your service and your selflessness! On a more personal note, "Please keep your prayers for our brother-in-law Chris as he continues to find those IED's in Stan."

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