Tuesday, September 13, 2011

First Baseball Game!

Our big boy (I am so sad to write that) had his very first baseball game on Sunday (yes, Sept 11th)! He has never had a practice (they had one of Saturday, but we could not make it) and we were SUPER nervous for him. Let me make that more clear, 'Derek was super nervous for him.' Since Derek played ball himself for so long he just wants Drew to be good, but slowly Derek realized that Drew is just 5 and only wants to have fun. Well, that was before we saw some of the other 5 and 6 year olds play! Some of those kids are GOOD! Maybe a little too good. Now we realized that Derek needs to work with Drew more on pretty much everything:)

But Drew did play left field and stopped a ball to make the hit a single instead of a double.

He also, got a little better at swinging the bat while 'on deck'

He hit the ball on the fourth 'machine pitched' ball for a line drive single. That single was followed by a bounce on home plate, another single and slide at home.

Then of course there was a team huddle and a SNACK! He was so happy! He says he really likes baseball, which I know makes Derek really happy.

He also had a fan club! Caden had his first game too, so we watched a bit of his game and got a picture of the two boys. Oh, and the GF came too:)

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