Tuesday, September 13, 2011

High School Football...

Where do I live? Do I live in the Midwest? Nope, but the way that the YLHS vs. EDHS football game on Friday looked made me think...where am I? Our dear friend teaches at YL and since I went to ED, Derek and I decided VERY last minute to take the kids. I was actually shocked that Derek agreed because he is usually not up for those things. So, we went to our fav pizza place

then headed to the new stadium at YLHS. I think we should have skipped the meal because by the time we got to the game there was no parking (looked for about 20min) and even if we had the line to get tickets was so long that we would have been in line even longer. The high school football gods were not in our favor last Friday, so we promised the kids we would go to another game real soon and left.

Moral of our experience....YLHS vs. EDHS football games must get valet parking and presale tickets available online!

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