Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Gross Freeway!

Many people want to come to see LA or Hollywood once in there lives. My second cousin asked me when I was back east last month, "oh my god, do you live by Hollywood, I really want to go there?" I replied, "oh sweetheart, you never want to go there, it is really gross." My cousin (her dad) conquered. I am not sure what to think of people that really want to go to Hollywood because it really is VERY DIRTY! The below pictures are just from the freeway! I wonder if I should do a blog post about the parking, homeless people all over the place (those that say "oh" while reading this have never seen it), old buildings that are falling apart, and the traffic! I am a historian and I have a hard time swallowing the history there because I have to plug my nose! I guess I am a real OC girl!:)

Seriously, LA/Hollywood, take more pride in your community!

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