Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Concert in the park anyone? Love 'shows?' Well, my kids went to what I am saying was their very first show in the park! The Great Park of OC hosted a series this summer of music at the park and when I saw they were hosting the Aquabats we had to go! So after finding out what teacher Drew had for 1st grade, picking Em up from dance and grabbing some picnic dinner we headed down the I5. Where was Derek? Work:( When we got there I really should have begged someone to go with me! It was so hot and gross outside I was black from the asphalt, my tank keep falling down, Lilly kept wanting me to hold her, and the 20somethings took up the entire front part of the viewing area that we moved to the back of the stage (that actually worked out for the best). What I ended up getting was not really what I thought was going to happen at the 'park.'

We LOVE the Aquabats! They have their own cartoon/action series on HUB and have been on YoGabbaGabba. I am now aware that they have a pretty big following other than that! I had no idea who they were outside of Yabbaland or HUB. As of Thursday, I do.

I now know...

***that they are appealing to parents, children, and 20somethings!
***when people go to hear them in concert/show/free concert in the park...some mosh and crowd surf. The band was very good about telling people not to do that.
***they are very family orinated, and did not use fowl language. I felt just fine having my children beside me at the punk-rock-ska show.
***they also use the crabs, water, fish, and other props that are on the tv shows as part of their show.
***the hundreds of people that were there used symbols and repeated words with the band...not cult like just pure fun.

And now that I have looked then up more on the internet, I am HOPING that they do a surprise guest spot at the YoGabbaGabba concert that we are going to in Nov!

look at lilly's face!

We even ran into the newly married Money's! I am sorry, but I have to write that I would never picture these cats (or two of the Auqabats) being Mormon!

AWE, then Lilly! My Lilly, my buggy!

Lilly wanted to do it all! She wanted to dance and eat and jump and run and drink water from the water fountain (yuck!, but they do not have those, they have Gatorade water bottle things...remember I live in the grand OC, haha) and go on the balloon and go on the carousel! That girl made me run, run run! As we stood in the line for the carousel looking at the hotair balloon....

Lil decided she wanted to go on a horse. WOOHOO! Yes! That girl has gone on that dang thing so many times and either Derek or myself have to sit with her on the 'carriage section' and the other stands next to the other two sitting on a horse or tiger. Once again, WOOHOO! Oh wait, right when the dang thing started my moment of joy turned to a few minutes of dizzy screaming. BOOOOO. I tried very hard to get a pic, but it did not happen like I wanted. Always a picture:) In the end she was fine and did not want to get off, of course, but getting there was a sweaty mess for me! You have to look really good at the first picture to see Lilly's freaked out face.

FYI, everything is free there (some special events charge $10 parking),

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Meg said...

I love the last two pictures. They are priceless! Looks like a great time!!