Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fulgoni Wedding!

They got hitched! Richard and Kristi are married and from what could tell from the wedding....Kristi has got this man IN-LOVE with her! I mean love, love, love!

It was very hot on Saturday at 5, but we hopped into our cab (it had not air!) and made our way to Quinn's Ranch to witness and help them celebrate the kick off to the rest of their lives. The very large wedding party looked great in their suits and dresses and Kristi looked amazing and very happy.

I have known Richard since high school, Derek pretty much as long and we know how Richard can be. He is hilarious, loves music, to party, to chill, he loves his friends, and very thoughtful. I would not say that he is the sappy type, but he gets so into things and just loves!

He is a lover. He is a lover of his now wife. From the moment he made his walk down the isle his tears started coming. When he saw his wife (first time that day) I thought he was about to burst, when the officiant (his elder brother) asked for a moment of silence for those that were not able to share in the celebration (Richards dad passed away when we were in high school) you could see not only his face but those of his family try to hold it together, and when he started reading his two pages of hand written vows he wrote or Kristi....well lets just say, everyone was crying. Love, love, love!

**btw, Richard is English. Just imagine all of this being said with an accent!**

This ranch, country, backyard themed wedding was very pretty. Wine barrels, large jars full of beautiful purple/white flowers, strings of lights, and hay stacks decorated the reception. Two open bars, some great music, a food truck (Richard had an Inn&Out at his 18th b-day fitting), and how am I going to write the following without an "oh goodness"..they had two port-a-potties! That last part was a little tough to get over, but heck we were in a backyard! Who cares in we live in Yorba Linda! I saw a ton of people that I know and some I have not seen in a very long time, so I did a lot of talking. A little strange though, with FB you know things about people that you never really would if you did not see them. Conversations were a little strange at times. For instance, I am friends with a gal on FB, I see her every couple of years at wedding and so on, never talk to her on the phone or even email, but I knew she just bought a condo/townhouse in DC and that it was really cute. She knew I had three get the point. It was just strange. I think Derek had a good time and at 10:30 the party was ton, in the cab, and I hit my pillow HARD!!

Derek and Mike waiting in the shade before the ceremony started. Of course, none of me! Dang-it this time though, I look kind of cute and my hair looked good:)

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