Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Meet the 3 yr old!

Lilly Patricia is 3! Our baby! Well, she is very insistent that she is not a baby anymore because she can go peepee on the potty and does not have a bibi. So, I guess she is not a baby anymore!

But this "I do it all by myself girl," was

in here...

came out looking her fabulous self to complete our family...

**I was so feeling happy on drugs**




oh wait...no this is the BIG GIRL three yr old with no bibi!

To ring in the grand 3rd birthday we did not do much. Busy lives! We headed over to Linda's house of pizza, a '3' cake with mum-mums, swimming, and of course presents! Lilly was one lucky girl for just having me, Derek, Drew, Em, Grandma, Uncle Damon, Auntie Chow, Saige there..she made out on the gifts! Below are some pictures. If you do not know what she is dressed as, it is LaLa Loopsy. Emma had it on her cake too.

This coming up weekend we are having my side family day down in south county, pics to come!

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