Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tackle this?

I have not done this in forever, but thought, why not! Yesterday I straightened up the garage so Derek would get down my Halloween stuff. Yes, he did get all 6 boxes down. Do I have too much stuff? Anyways, I tend to focus on one area of the house for a few days and the others go to crap. Yes, I wrote crap. So, today I am going to focus for one day and one day only on this 'eyesore' section of my room. Bills that need to be filed, started project, attempts to organize school supplies to move to a hutch in the dinning area, pictures from when I was little until my engagement that I want to put into albums and I refused to put that purple box away until I do so...it has been almost a year now but I will not give up, and of course all of the stuff I want to do that I tear out of newspapers and print up. Needless to say..it is a mess. I promise I run a very organized household, but this triangle of my room is a hot mess! I am going to start calling this area my "junk drawer," Hopefully, I will be able to update with 'neater' pictures toward the end of the day.

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