Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Winters Wedding!

I was not there on Sunday the 9th, but with FB I was able to see beautiful pictures of a Smith Family friend get married! I say congrats to the Winter Family for getting another addition to their family!

Athol, MA....a small town, but I love it! I think I love the smells, small streets, memories from my childhood. I am very sure I could never live there, but I smile when I am there or think of being there.

The Winters have a huge family in Athol. The Smith family was big too, but theirs is HUGE. By the way, I am a Smith:) Anyways, we had great times as children with the Winter family. Having sleepovers, walking the streets laughing, swimming in the lake, babysitting together, making french bread pizza at Bruce and Susan's house...they lived down the street from my Uncle Jimmy, going to little league games, and so on. It was just fun! Well, we are old now and are married with kids making new memories that do not really include them but I do smile when I think of the Winter Family. Just like I do when my think of my aunties and uncles. It is just sweet and nice.

So when I saw these pictures today on Chris' FB...I smiled and was happy. My sisters and I still have some contact with Chris and we very happy when this 'wicked smart' boy went to college, got a great job, got engaged and now MARRIED! Congrats!

These are Chris' parents, Bruce & Sue

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