Wednesday, January 23, 2013


On Sunday I took Drew to the Pond (aka the Honda Center, but I refuse to convert) to see "How to Train Your Dragon."  He had so much fun and I am so happy I got to share that last minute experience with him.  

Since I was feeling better I asked Derek if he wanted to take Drew to see Dragons, but that was a no.  I completely was on.  I am not being sarcastic either.  It was so last minute.  So while Derek had the girls I enjoyed a date with my handsome baby boy.  Hand-in-hand we had treats, he got a light up hat and 'toothless light thingy,' and afterwards he got a shake at Chili's while momma said hello to some old co-workers.  Yes, 8 years later I still know people that work there and some regulars!  And 13 years later Derek still likes me to pick him up Chili's:)

The show.  What can I say?  I thought this show would be a little more like the one I took to Hailee when she turned 7!  I can not believe I have had my blog that long,,   4.5 years ago!  As far as I know the same company that did "Walking With the Dinosaurs," also did "Dragons," and I must admit that I, as an adult, liked the Dino's better.  This show was just like the Disney movie.  Do not get me wrong I LOVED the movie years ago when it came out, but I thought it would have been different.  It is hard to describe.  We take our kids to a ton of different shows, but this one was not that great.  Maybe I was still not feeling well or nervous about the Pat's game.  Anyways!  The show was most enjoyed by those between the ages of 2-8.  Drew, the most important person there, LOVED IT!  He loved the big dragons and how Toothless flew and of course, he loves his hat.  He wants to be a viking for Halloween.  I am hoping that idea stays because I am thinking the girls could be princesses!  Lets hope!   

Drew is just so cute!

**I had the cutest picture of Drew and I, but I deleted it!**

Then after a sad conversation with my father about the loss of our Pat' and kiddos headed to our bed to watch 'Good Luck Charlie'  and stare at Drew's hat twinkle on the ceiling.

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