Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Polar Express Day


I was so happy that Emma was a part of Polar Express Day at school!  She was extremely excited for weeks and weeks to sing and have hot coco.  Frosty the Snowman and other holiday songs were being sung in the car and in the house.  She sang so much that Lilly caught on and knows all of them too!  

Side note....The name of the day, Polar Express Day..why?  I am not sure if it is to politically correct or if that has always been the name of the kinder program?  Not a holiday party or holiday performance.  Just a thought. 

Em was very excited to have Chow, Grandma, myself and Lilly there.  She ate cookies next to her love, Alejandro, hung out with us in her classroom, showed us some of her classwork displayed all around, and of course gave hugs not only to her teacher but to Grandma and Chow.  It was so sweet!  Thanks, Chow and Linda for means so much to us!

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