Monday, January 7, 2013

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Oh, Christmas Tree, Oh, Christmas Tree! Oh how lovely is family! Does the song go that way? haha

Regardless, Christmas was pretty STRANGE this year!

Pretty trees and lights are always lovely. We also loved to see our monsters tear open presents three different times, but it was a strange holiday season. More on that to come in a following post.

On Christmas Eve we went Auntie Deb & Uncle Kev's house for Christmas Eve. I have not been to their house since I found out I was pregnant with Emma! It actually turned out beautiful and so pleasant! I was relaxed and was able to take some pictures! I forgot what that was like!

I loved to relax and watch my monsters at my Aunties opening jackets, a few toys, and undies (I made fun of Drew). It is crazy at Christmas on Derek's side and I am always worried that my babies will not like my side as much as his. My side is so much smaller, but what I have come to realize is that the simple things for my kids are what they remember the most. Like, my kiddos always remember my mom and Brian getting undies for them (aka panties) or Jo & Ken always getting them sweaters/jackets. Just like they remember getting a ballet bag from grandma 'just because' or pictures from CEC with Chow a little bit more than the explosion of Christmas.

I actually laughed when I wrote the last two sentences above. Our kids have NO IDEA what we got them on Christmas just goes to show that with that amount of toys they may not always be remembered no matter who gives them. Then again, we choose how many presents they get and of course we want them to have a lot. It makes me think, if Derek did not have the income he has or if we did not believe in more-more for Christmas, would our monsters remember more? I know I remember many Christmases when my sisters and I did not get as much as we would have liked. I DO remember those presents though. I now shake my head because, why?? Why, Why, Why hate the month of Jan? Argh, oh well:)


Then when we got home that night while Derek was taking a shower, I TRIED to grab a pic of the girls and I, just the kids, and Drew with me for a present I thought of at the last minute. Well, that did not happen!
Above is what I think is the best (second best is the middle in the below collage) from a quick photo sec. I LOVE the girls dresses! I know they may be BIG for some, but Mrs. Brenda got hem for them for Vegas (post to come) and I just had to have them wear them multiple times. They turned out to be their Christmas Dresses..I could not help myself!

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Then the count for the Big Guy came! Once daddy was out of the shower we set up the Frank the Elf to hitch a ride with Santa, some cookies for Santa, some milk, and a carrot for the reindeer.

Then it was time for "Night Before Christmas," which was read by Derek again this year. They did not listen to Papa (Derek's dad) reading it. One year I am sure Derek will do it. It must be so hard to have your father read as a tradition, which is posted to the internet, and then see it year after year. Too much to handle. To die so young!

Then the morning comes! A morning full of love, laughter, daddy's cooking, monsters tearing wrapping then asking for batteries, text messaging, facebooking, parents stopping by, oh and of course...watching 'Christmas Story," while trying to grab a nap! Love, Love, Love!!! Yes, I love Jesus' birthday and according to Drew he is very old! Love his birthday, but this year has not be great, but I know that for a time the years will be just fine. Wow the holiday's can get intense!
Of course there was also a dance show performed by the girls for my mom and Auntie Chrissy. They really are dancing fools! I wish there were more people at our house on Christmas Day to witness the choreography the girls do!

I hope everyone had a great holiday season!


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