Saturday, January 12, 2013


I am having the best night EVER! I really am! Derek and I have been frustrated by our lovely middle daughter's, "I am going to freak out then cry about every little bump in the night, which turns into Lilly joining in, which then leads to them coming to our room...most know how this story goes," for the past few weeks. It has not been fun. I love my monsters so much but DANG I need to sleep! Thank goodness I do not have a "toddler or newborn" I think I am way too old to keep up!

So, back to my best night ever..okay in a long time. I just realized it is 12:05am, I am watching Grey's Anatomy and crying, I am printing up so many recipes, and I am ALONE! Yes, Derek is in the room...but I am alone! No kids screaming or wanting to hold my hand while I sleep, no kids asking me in the middle of the night when it is going to be morning! In fact right now, Grey's ended and I am just sitting here listening to he hum of the desktop. Love it. Then again now it is 12:07am! It will for sure change! They will come in and ask me for something and I will give in. Or maybe like last night Em will bring in stuffed animals and blankets, put them at the foot of our bed, go get Lilly.. who will be crying from her sister waking her up...t hey will then crawl into bed with us (even though Em has made them a bed on the ground), and I will say "I have had enough" and sleep on the couch. This usually happened around 4am, so if I am off to bed in a few minutes I will at least get a solid 4 hours of sleep in! But for right now they are all tucked in bed and I am headed there myself. Life with three busy kids under seven, I have realized, has made me LOVE these moments more than anything! Both the frustration and silence is worth it! I would never have it any other way.

Oh, but I must write about my new internet LOVE! She is the Pioneer Woman. She is just great! I have spent the last few hours looking at her blog, printing recipes, reading her story and I just LOVE her! I rarely post links and so on, but I will for her...

I was watching her show on some network..I guess I should know that, when she was making salisbury steak with pea/carrots and pasta with alfredo sauce. OMG, all of the food that I love. Anyways, I never really followed up on looking her up, but I did the other day and made the steaks, which Derek loved and Drew said it is the 'best thing ever.' It is just 'good home cooking' that is not too too bad for you:) I am making her recipes on Sundays because really I am only having carbs on Sunday (well, for the past three weeks) and just can not give up mash potatoes or pasta everyday of the week!

Regardless, yummy! If I added stuff or looked at Pinterst I would add/like/pin/whatever it is her site to there!

Oh, 12:29 and now this is the middle child. Awesome!!!

yes, I did take a picture of her since I was just sitting here!

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