Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ugly Swearter 2012

We were not going to have it this year, but after some twisting of the arm we ended up having it.  OUR UGLY SWEATER THAT IS!  I am not sure if we will have it next year, but it was fun for the 3rd time!  Then again if we do not have it next year how will all of our friends be able to get out during the holidays without their kids!  haha

This year I had not idea what to do for our ugly sweaters, so I headed to Gasoline Alley to RENT one for Derek and one for myself.  I really wish that my mom, after years of me buggin her, had not followed my advise and thrown her lovely sweaters away!  But she did!  Well, all but one and I have already worn that.  So I got a hot pink with white somethings and snowmen on it and Derek got a HUGE vest.  I thought mine was horrible, but many people liked it.  I wonder if people liked it because we are getting older and that is just what happens when you get older...your taste in sweaters starts to get ugly?  haha

So with the sweaters and the kids at Linda's we had a fun time.  It was a little strange that almost everyone got to the party 1.5hr late, but once about 25 of us where here it was fun.  We had pingpong and fireball and I think everyone had a good time.  I was happy that 5month preggo Mar was here and for the first time DeAnne!  I really missed Max again, but Sara 2 being here made up for it...well out of my oldie friends.  We had some new friends here and Mikey did not make it down, Amanda was sick and so on.  I was just so happy that our family was here and everyone else that came!  Dwayne (Derek's brother) won for the ugliest sweater.  He had one of his wife's (Elisa) tight animal print zipups which I thought was fitting because the prize was a copy of the 'Magic Mike' dvd.  I thought it was hilarious, but the DVD ended up in the kids medi-cabinet!  What a stinker.  I ended up wrapping it again and giving it to him for Christmas.  

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