Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Flu Anyone?

The previous post was started on a Friday night and finished on Saturday morning. SO, I am counting Friday night as a great 'lonely' night for me. Saturday I went to a 31party and that night hung out with a neighbor. A nice weekend then BAMMMMBAMMBAMM....

Momma, was not feeling that good.

Sunday morning I woke up in a sweat, not really knowing what it was. Sleep, sleep is what I needed. Maybe I had one too many glasses of wine? Then I started shaking and my temp was 100.00 (high for me). No, no, no, no I am not going to get the flu. I filled up with water and soup. Then headed for the E, D, C's in the bathroom. Oh no, nothing is working!

Monday morning...MOMMA officially got the FLU! Achy and swore all over! Daddy stayed as long as he could from work that morning, but finally had to go. The day was horrible!

Tuesday morning I went to the docs after battling a fever all night that reached an amazing 103.9! I swore I had pneumonia because Drew had it the week before and I was not sure if I was headed down that path. Nope, it was the flu.

Wednesday, the cough came and I had that damn fever.

Thursday, could not talk all day and I kept the kids from school. I could not move. But yeah my fever broke!

Friday...cough, cough, cough.

Saturday.... officially no more fevers, just a cough.


That was my 2013 Flu. I have never had the flu. I have had the 'stomach flu' and get it every year around New Years. I have never had a cold/flu. They are SO different. I had no idea what it was like and really did not know what was wrong with me. I never get a flu shot, but next year I will for sure be doing that (yes, I know the strain is different). I felt like I would never get out of bed. I felt like my head was going to start to shake. I could not text/email/dial the phone. I would rub my legs because they hurt so bad. I was joking because I kept saying I was going to be bed sores! I have never ever ever been that sick and I do not want to be until I am old and going to die.

Upside, I pretty much caught up on my DVR, Drew became an even better & sweeter big brother, my husband went to the store more times in one week than he had in a year, and I had so much time to sit/lay and think about my life. Ah life.

I am really hoping that you did not get the horrible cold/flu of 2012-2013, or at least will not!

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