Wednesday, August 21, 2013

4th of July!

After a very emotional weekend with adjustments that needed to be made once coming home from the hospital The 4th of July was a welcomed break.  Mike even came down to celebrate!

Of course....we had to go to the local pub, Kelly's!  Johnny met up with us for a few.  So nice to just sit!!

John and Gina came over too to BBQ, hang out, and of course set off some little fireworks.  It is amazing how men (and little boys) love to set things on fire.  We each purchased, last minute, the biggest set of fireworks they had....pricey, but fun.  Us girls just sat inside and watched the show.  The boys were even jumping over them as they went off....not Drew, btw.  After not being able to fit one more oz of food into our bodies we headed over to Veterans Park to watch the show.  However, we just made it to John's Uncle's house (on the same street) and watched them from there.  I was not sure how Lilly would do with the noise and flashing lights, so I thought that was best.  The firework show sounded SO DANG loud this year!  The kids had a great time and we were pooped.  Happy Birthday America!

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