Wednesday, August 21, 2013

San Diego Adventure!

I am in love with San Diego, Derek is not.  It is very hard for me to get him down there since our car was towed from our hotel 9 years ago.  Yep, we have not been back since then as a couple or a family.  So when the Maloof's asked us to head down to Campland USA on Mission Bay, Derek was a firm no.  Well, next year may have to be different for him because the kids LOVED Campland when we went down to have a visit with them.  The kids usually do not say they want to go somewhere so badly.....this time they did.  I will keep my fingers crossed for next year!

I loaded the kids and all our gear into the car and headed down to SD.  All layered up with sunscreen and driving through South County my back TIRE lost air!  Yep a flat while driving on the I5 in the fast lane.  Of course I was cool and not so much.  "Call Daddy, Call Daddy!"  I made it almost to the off ramp, then slowly inched my way off the freeway and to the side of a street.  A very nice man stopped and helped the stranded mommy with 3 kids.  It was very nice of him.  A new tire was put on and my determination to get to the Maloof's was on.  Derek thought I was crazy, but I would rather be exhausted then listen to three kids scream for an entire day!

Campland is a fun RV/tent camping area.  It is not like anything I have seen before.  There are a ton of kids, I mean they are everywhere!  On bikes, in the water, on paddle boards, walking, running....everywhere!  They have a store, a concert area, a sectioned off area in the bay for swimmers, water rentals of all types, bathrooms, an arcade, and so much more.  It is just a lot of fun!  Emma even went kayaking for the first time with McKenna and Ms. Jen.  

Lilly just wanted to play in the sand:)
Baby Blakey is so dang cute!

Then off to meet up with my cousin Johanna for some yummy In & Out then off to visit Ken ( Jo's husband) at work.  I thought he was still working at Scrips, but I was wrong.  He is now at the Salk Institute.  Beautiful is what that place was.  Located by/on UCSD the view is nothing but AMAZING!  The below picture is of the sun.  Looked so awesome when I changed the filter and uploaded it to Instagram.  

It was cloudy that evening, but that is the ocean right there.

At the institute Ken works with stem cell research.  Something that gives me new found respect for Ken.  Controversial topic, yes, but important work.  Ken gave us a quick tour of his office and we even got to see some cells under a microscope.  Beautiful and insightful!  Oh and a very exhausting day for me!!!

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