Monday, August 26, 2013

Big Bear

Thanks once again to THE KEMPER'S for letting us use their Big Bear cabin!  I do have to admit that we are turning into "mountain lovers."  Of course, we do not camp!  I will be shocked if we ever do that!   

Up in Big Bear there are only so many things you can do and as many times as we are there the  comfort there is kind of like home.  We tend to go to the same restaurants and go to the same stores.  I love the familiarity of it all.  I have memories of Big Bear from when I was little with my parents and later with Mary and my dad.  It is nice:)  

However, now we can do this.......
so much fun!

My goal this last trip was to let Derek do whatever it is that he wanted to do.  On one of our trips a few years back I planned everything and ended up exhausting everyone and I was the only one to go to the last museum while everyone was in the car sleeping.  That is how I roll!  So without much advise Derek agreed to go to some recreation center in San Berandino before we headed up the mountains.  The kids had so much fun hiking to the stream, in flip flops mind you!  Once we got there Derek seemed to have the most fun.  Emma made her OCD rock collection all lined up....Drew promptly destroyed it...Lilly splashed her feet in the water and I even got in.  I am not much fun most of the time, but I surprise people every once in a while.  I think Derek had a blast being that it was "his idea." 

Once we got to the cabin, I went to the store for supplies, and a trip to get shoes for Emma (3rd time that has happened) we headed to down town and our usual restaurants.  So much fun!!  We think the food is so good there!  Just walking around with our family is great.  This is something I am slowly getting use to.

Another thing I am getting use to is how our children do not listen to me when I want to take pictures and how places will not be open when I want them to be.  3rd time this place is closed!! Derek laughed because he says it is meant to be!  I get frustrated in a funny way then laugh:)
Of course the Discovery Ctr is a must when we are there.  I love the new children's exhibit!

Being that Derek was the leader of the pack.....I was shocked that he suggested the Pirate Cruise!  The kids had so much fun!  They really cater to children with activities and parents with the 'drink services' that the 'winch'  provides.  The 90 minute tour may seem like a long time, but it went quickly.  It was cute to see Lilly fall asleep on Derek's lap.


We had a great time, as always, up in Big Bear!  I think the next time we will rent a boat or head over to Arrowhead to see what it is like over there.  Once again, thank you Don and Leydy, we love you to death!
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