Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Thank you Grandma!

My kids are totally spoiled by Derek's mom, Grandma.  They LOVELOVELOVE her.  Not because she has 'grandmaland' at her house or how she always gives them ice cream, but because they know she LOVESLOVESLOVES them too.  So when Grandma wanted to get the girls a playhouse for both of their birthdays.....I said yes.  Derek at first said no, but come on.....I never had anything like that when I was little so my answer was YES.  

So Linda ordered it and when it came in a rather small box I was surprised.  Good thing I was not the one who had to put it together!  That was the man who said NO job...aka, Daddy.  It took him 3days to put it together and he even built a platform for it.  Everything was individual...I could not believe it.  So now it is complete, the girls love it, I love it, and it is super cute.  Just the right size.  All I have to do is get some flowers for the boxes and a wood table for inside with chairs and Derek wants to put electrically in it for the girls....cute daddy.  THANK YOU GRANDMA!!!

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