Tuesday, August 20, 2013


During the summer of 2013 I have tired my hardest to get the kids to a museum once a week.  I was doing pretty good, but with vacations/illness/beach days/Lilly in the hospital and the kids just wanting to "stay home" I have slacked a bit.  I hope to get a few more in during the next few weeks of summer...but ya never know.  

However,  it would not be an excursion with mommy if there was not something that goes wrong.  ALWAYS!!  I just laugh about it now!!  Here are just some of the places we have been during the summer.....

Science Center....  

On the way to LA Emma said, "this place is dirty!"  She is correct, but I just laughed to myself as I sat in traffic during this adventure.  But we did get to see this beauty!  We basically had no time to do anything else because we had to head back to OC in traffic so the girls could get to ballet.   


Even though we only got to see a few exhibits, it was fun and I really want to take the kids back there again to see more.  I want to go to the USC Rose garden and head to all of the other museums that are there.  I still think it is crazy that a beautiful and well know college like USC it literally surrounded by the crappiest part of LA.  

We also headed to the Skirball Ctr in LA.  We specifically went there on a Thursday because the 'Noah's Ark' exhibit is free, but once we got there the times were full.  I also did not realize it was located past the Getty....almost 2 hours to get to it!  For some reason I thought it was by LAX.   Ya....not there!!
I also did not realize that it was a Jewish Cultural Center.  That of course, is fine, but just a little different for the kids.

Then there was this temp exhibit but an artist, I can not remember his name, but it was a little scary.  The kids actually slept in bed with me that night.  I really could not blame them.  Kind of creepy indeed!

Oh and super fun, as always, is the La Habra Children's Museum.  We went there on a Saturday because it was free, but they changed the free day to Sunday's.  Whatever, I paid full price and we had fun for a few hours.  I love how the entire place is interactive for the kids.  I took so many cute pictures!!!

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We also headed to Bowers Museum in Santa Ana with our neighbors, the Guerros, for the museums free Sunday events.  It was so much fun to go with another family!  Unfortunately, the exhibit we wanted to see was sold out again....got to laugh!  Once again, the kids got a little scared by the darkness of some of the figures....but they got over it.

 Drew was not happy at all about the above picture.  I need to start to realize he is a boy and 7!!


We also headed to the Orange County Museum of Art.....but it was closed for renovation!  Once again, gotta laugh!  I should really read the websites before I head places because a lot of them are not close to me at all!  haha.  The kids did get to run around outside for a minute and I laugh at the last picture because of the paint on the wall....the doggy was peeing on them!  haha

Maybe one day I will get something right....but I do hope the kids have great memories of how mommy always makes the best out of situations:)
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