Thursday, August 22, 2013

Emma Turned 6!!!

Our beautiful baby girl.......
Is now SIX!  How in the world did that happen?

Emma is talented, sassy, totally OCD, stubborn, caring and giving, and beautiful!  She loves to dance 5 days a week, loves to swim in grandma's pool, loves going to the beach with Papa, loves to hoard things in her bed, loves to watch TV, loves to have Auntie Suzie do her nails, loves when Nana does her hair and makes her waffles, she loves to play with friends, she loves to eat at Chili's and have Chinese food, loves to sleep in, loves to be grumpy if she can not (sounds like her momma), loves to sleep with her parents, loves to be lightly scratched, and loves lotion!

Up until the age of 5 we have 'big parties' for the kids.  Once they turn six...sleepovers are the standard.  For Drew I only allowed 4 boys, so we can go somewhere.  Emma, well, had 8 girls come.  Yep, eight little screaming girls from ages 4-7 were here.  It was hilarious to see Derek's face!   I think he probably would have preferred to spend the night with Drew and Lilly at Dale and Suzie's!  Instead Daddy was the only man around when Saige did nails, girls talked about silly stuff, dress up and screaming went to extreme levels, pirate booty was served during a movie, and the last girl went to bed at 12am-ish,  No one went home, I did not have to convince anyone to stay or have to kick Derek out of our bed to have one of the girls sleep with me.  The girls had a great time!  Emma was so happy!!!

After the crazy girls went home Hannah, Emma and I went to Em's favorite place Yogurt Town.  I had them go in their swimsuits, which they LOVED.  We did not even go swimming or play in water! Happy Birthday our gorgeous girl!   

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