Monday, November 30, 2009


Thursday was a blast! We did a bunch of stuff around the house then headed over to Linda's to have some DINNER! SHE is such an excellent cook that I knew we would not be disappointed. The turkey was moist, stuffing great (I only eat hers), mash potatoes fluffy and the drinks were a-flowing! We were suppose to go to my sisters since she and her family are moving in June, but we really wanted to spend time with Derek's dad. While at Linda's the kids played out front, out back, in their 'room', and else where in the house. I have started to call it Grandma really is! Everything a grandchild would want is there, from white donuts and movies to rockets and a pool. For goodness sake...they have their own room! It was just a fab time and I am so happy that we were there with almost all of the fam!

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