Thursday, February 17, 2011

Kelsey here!

So for months I have known that Kelsey was coming to stay with us for four days. We love having her here and like Derek and I said back in November when she stayed, "oh to have someone to watch the kids while you do the laundry!!, haha"

So I wanted to do something fun with her. However, this is what happened...and always seems to for me. I had to get Kels on the mountains with Jen, Erin, Lilly and the kids was out because we were going Thursday to Saturday...booooo. Then it was up to Monterey Friday to Monday to visit Patty and Clint, but Marlene's baby shower (which, I would never have missed) was on Saturday. However, we could leave after the shower and and come back on Monday. Then.....Patty got signed up (via Clint) to help at the ProAm and would be doing that all weekend! Monterey was out! Okay, Kels...we will do something fun with Bobo and the kids. WELLLLL, DEREK ENDED UP WORKING ALL WEEKEND!! It was just horrible and I was a little baby about it, but I want to get away!

I made the best of it and had a blast with Kels. Yes, it sucked that Derek had to work all weekend, but it was nice to hang out with Kels and be driven everywhere! We had fun doing....

We saw a huge protest at the Senior Center

We went to the Zoo and the park

We went to Don Jose, Chili's, had pizza, went to breakfast, Chick-filet..basically ate a ton!

We went to Costco, the store, ballet, Drew's game, and even saw Tangled (too cute).

We had fun, but I need to get out of dodge and soon! A break would be nice!

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MRSB said...

I would have been drained. I'm glad you and the kids got to spend time with Kels. She's such a wonderful young lady.