Thursday, February 17, 2011

You think one thing, get another

We have had house guests at our house almost every weekend since 2011 began. It is so much fun to have a house full of people, but there was one day that got to me. I am not sure if I was just tired or pissy. Here is the story.

Derek's bff, Mikey, does not come down from SLO like he use to, so when we can convince him to come Derek makes a weekend of it. This particular weekend just happened to be Super Bowl. Oh and there was some big UFC fight too. So, I thought that Derek and Mike would just hang out watch the game and golf. Well, I woke up on Superbowl Sunday to basically this, "We are going golfing, oh and, Dave, Kelly, Amanda, Gina, JB, Michelle, Saige, Casey, and Paige are coming to watch the game." I smiled, but then got PISSED! Three kids, us three adults, and the rest of them meant way more people that I had to feed and entertain while Derek had fun. Anyways, while Derek golfed I cleaned the house and decorated (I have football decor from Derek's 30th), showered at 2pm when Derek got home then headed to the store and home to find people already here.

I was getting PISSED! I was trying not too, but I was not ready for this. Of course, Derek says just dump some chips and salsa and we will be fine. HELLO, does he know me!! I can not do that....but really that is what I should have:) While, juggling kids and guests I still made wiener thingys, dished out salsa, hummus, chips, pastrami sandwiches, some chili dip thing I made, pizza, cookies, steak, and Michelle made her spinach dip. Neighbors came over, we watched the game, a few did some 'beer bongs' which was very funny and soooo not adult of them:) I calmed down a bit, but then I had to clean and I was just pissy.

I thought I was going to get to have a laid back weekend, but ended up having a party. Oh, I know I should not really bitch, but I was sooooooo tired of people!! I think we all get like that after a bit.


Teren, Jaxson, and Teegan! said...

Ya- cleaning up after a party is BLAH! I don't blame you.

MRSB said...

I was looking over these pictures again and it dawned on me how much Miss Emma looks like you when you were young. I'll have to get old pictures out and really compair.