Monday, February 14, 2011

My Auntie

My Auntie passed away on Sunday the 13th at around 2pm.
I loved her very, very much.
She is the only Great Auntie that I have ever known, she was my Grandma's little sister.
She use to wear all white to work with those really thick white hospital shoes, kind of funny:)
She drove a stick shift and drove it very fast!
She made us tomato sandwiches.
She was a mother and a grandmother.
She had a HUGE shade of pink bathtub.
She had a huge two story house, but slept downstairs.
She would knit and knit and knit.
She said my dads name in the funniest way and I always laughed when I heard her yell, "Chuckie!"
She had a back door to her house that was very high, but did not have steps for it:)
We use to pick blackberries in her backyard.
When she battled her first round of cancer she lost her hair and it came back curly.
I swear she had the same rubric cube for 30+ years...and maybe the same tv. I could never figure either one out.
Whenever we go back east one of the first places we go is to Auntie's...which was across the street from the back of grandma's house. haha
Her house had a certain smell, not a bad one at all.

Here is a a very old picture of my Auntie. I really can not remember why she was holding that bear.

My Auntie, well, was my Auntie. We never called her Auntie Betty and I have never called anyone else Auntie. So, when my dad called on Sunday to tell me that she had died I knew who he meant and that she was in a much better place. My Grandma and Aunt Karen were with her and it was very quick. She ate and then she went to heaven. Does that sound strange? She had battle cancers, rheumatoid arthritis, and heart failure....there was nothing else they could do for her. Even though she was in her late 70's she was still too young.....yet had been in pain for as long as I can remember. Thank goodness I had Kels here because while I was remembering things about her all I did for a bit was CRY! Crying for my family, crying for my Grandma who not only lost her sister but is now the last in her family alive, crying while I thought about how as I cleaned my daughter's room my Auntie made her way to her Mansion in the sky...crying, crying, crying!

Thank you Kelsey, thank you Derek, thank you Patty & Emilee, thank you Daddy, thank you Auntie for leaving us so swiftly at the end (I think about Derek's dad when I write this), thank you Auntie for all of the memories you left my sisters and I with!


Teren, Jaxson, and Teegan! said...

What a wonderful tribute to your auntie.

MRSB said...

Sara that was beautiful. Aunitie was truly special to each of us. We are filled with warm memories of her. Thank you for sharing yours.

Farnes Family Four said...

Gosh, thats an old picture. Actually that was 8 years ago!! My favorite was how she always called us "Love". She is the reason why I call all kids by nicknames; honey, baby, girlie, love...
I remember she was driving us somewhere, we were going down the big hill and her defrosters weren't working so, while driving, she used the inside of one of our sweatshirts to get the condensation off of the window. I was so scared!
She was always sooo happy to see us!