Monday, February 28, 2011

Lilly is 18 months!

Look at that face!!! So super cute!

The 18 month old is getting bigger and older....I can not believe it!

Stats, 21pds & 31 inches long.

She is in perfect health, did not cry during her shots, still can not walk on her own (does take 6 steps by herself), gets left out of things by her brother & sister, has to always get her way, takes two naps a day, goes to sleep at 8pm and sleeps until 9am, still loves her bibi, loves to be read to, LOVES TO DANCE (it is hilarious), and is the best little baby EVER!!!!


Rebecca Titone said...

Love that picture! Made me smile as soon as I scrolled down! What a joyful darling she is!

terenjaxandteegan said...

She is beautiful, simply gorgeous!