Monday, December 20, 2010

All I want for Christmas

Few weeks ago the kids told daddy what they wanted for Santa to bring them for Christmas. Daddy wrote it down and since for some reason blogger will not let upload the scanned letters I will tell you some of the things the kids want.

Lilly- 'walking legs,' pretty earrings, her ears pierced.
Drew- New Mario game, new Wii controller, Toy Story game,
Emma- anything princess:)

They both ran so fast to the mail box to send it to Santa and were so excited the next day when Nona, our mail lady, picked them up. Now Drew says that he should have 'ordered' that from Santa when he wants to add things to his list. I keep telling him that Santa will know:)


Farnes Family Four said...

Too cute! I love that you made it special for them. Tyler and Hailee didn't write letters this year...must me the age. Its funny that you know your mail ladies name.

Rebecca Titone said...

That is the sweetest every! I love the gold envelopes. You are the best mommy!

MRSB said...

I do believe I raised 2 of the best mothers that I've ever know. This was a wonderful idea and it looked like not only the kids but Derek had fun.